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STEM is the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math and is of critical importance to students who aspire to enter the workforce or continue their post-secondary education. Many educators understand how the four disciplines fit together, but only a few have the time or resources to integrate the subjects into a meaningful educational experience – especially for an entire classroom of secondary learners.

Pitsco Education’s whole-class, hands-on curriculum provides 11 teacher-led units of instruction that offer meaningful, real-world learning experiences in each of the STEM disciplines. Units can easily be added to traditional classrooms to enhance existing courses with hands-on activities that focus on key STEM concepts in a teacher-led, whole-class learning environment.

Our STEM curriculum offerings successfully combine STEM disciplines to give engineering principles context using hands-on, real-world learning experiences. To learn more about this innovative curriculum, download our STEM brochure or contact a Pitsco Education consultant today.


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