SynDaver synthetic human and verterinary models, body parts, and task trainers are designed for health care training - from basic anatomy and physiology to advanced surgical simulation and poly-trauma team training.  Individual tissues have been validated over the last two decades to accurately mimic the mechanical, dielectric, and physicochemical properties of the relevant living tissue.  The resulting tissues respond to all know imaging techniques and medical devices just as live tissue does.

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Affordable - SynDaver products are less-expensive than cadavers over their service life and may be repaired and upgraded indefinitely.

Long-Lasting - With proper care SynDaver models will last indefinitely, providing decades or trouble-free use.

Humane - SynDaver Synthetic Humans are an ethical alternative to using live animals or animal cadavers for anatomy study.

Safe - SynDaver products are biohazard and formaldehyde-free and pose no health risks to those who handle them.

Effective - Just like live tissue, SynDaver products are made from water, fibers and salts.  Since SynDaver mimics live tissue it delivers realistic training without the dangers posed by cadavers.

All SynDaver products are made in the USA

Anatomy Models

Syndaver Anatomy Models are education-grade synthetic humans complete with all bones, joints, muscles, organs and tendons found in normal human anatomy. Major nervous system and vascular ...

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Synthetic Humans

This line ranges from educational models for anatomical reference to advanced surgical simulators which breathe, bleed and react like live patients. SynDaver synthetic humans are tailored to meet ...

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Task Trainers

SynDaver SynAtomy Task Trainers enable training in a wide variety of procedures, from a range of imaging techniques including ultrasound, basic suturing and anastomosis skills to advanced ...

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Veterinary Trainers

The SynDaver Synthetic Canine is a futuristic animal model designed to replace live animals and animal cadavers in veterinary surgical training. Based on 20+ years of SynDaver research, this ...

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